Trim and stability booklet for cargo ships - how to use them

Use of cargo ships hydrostatic table

Commercial ships usually have a trim and stability booklet which may contain either curves of form or hydrostatic tables and stability and trim characteristics for various conditions of loading. A typical trim and stability booklet will contain the following data:

i) Vessel characteristics, including principal dimensions, tonnage, location of draft marks, builder, official and registry numbers, etc.

ii) Instructions for use of the nomograms, curves, and other data in the booklet to calculate stability and trim of the vessel for given loading conditions.

iii) General operating instructions and precautions.

iv) Tabulated tank and hold capacities.

v) Hydrostatic properties (KM, LCB, LCF, etc.) tabulated or plotted as a function of mean draft.

vi) Metacentric Height (GM) diagram, showing GM for tabulated conditions of loading and minimum required GM for vessel service.

vii) Trim diagram to calculate vessel trim when weights are added at locations other than the vessel center of gravity.

viii) Weight distribution and stability information for various conditions of loading.

ix) Liquid loading diagram, showing the location, capacity, and effect on list and trim of the ship’s tanks.

General cargo ship hydrostatic table

Figure shows a typical hydrostatic table.

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